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Candidate Workshop: Electing Our Own

Ob-GynPAC knows it is critical to have physicians involved in every step of the policy-making process. That's why we work alongside other medical specialty organizations year-round to encourage ACOG members and other physicians to run for office -- and to help them win!

Have you ever thouoght about running for elected office? Whatever your level of readiness or political party, be sure to attend the Ninth Annual Specialty Physician and Dentist Candidate Workshop in Washington, DC, in 2018.

This weekend-long course is perfect for ob-gyns, spouses, and campaign staff thinking of running for any office on the ballot, from School Board to U.S Senate. Attendees learn from seasoned experts about fundraising, building grassroots support, effective use of the media, and much more.

Still not sure elected office is for you? Well, physicians consistently rank among the top five "most trusted" professions, giving you an automatic leg up in public approval and support! Voter confidence is already on your side. You can do this -- and we can help!

Stay tuned for information on the 2018 Specialty Physician Candidate Workshop.