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We Elect People Not Parties

Message From the Chair

John Jennings, MD, FACOG
Past President, ACOG
Chair, Ob-GynPAC
$5K Kaminetzky Club Member

Ob-GynPAC, ACOG’s political action committee, is the only federal PAC exclusively dedicated to electing representatives who support our specialty. I’m honored to serve as 2016 Chair. During the 2014 election cycle, you contributed more than $1.25 million to our PAC, enabling us to support over 150 state and federal candidates and win 80% of those races. A banner year! The stakes in these elections just keep getting higher for our specialty and for women’s health. We have simply got to elect Members of Congress, State Legislators, and Governors who understand the issues most important to us. Every dime you contribute to Ob-GynPAC goes directly to help elect worthy candidates—or to help defeat the others! Not a penny goes to staffing, overhead, or administrative costs. Please join us today to help ob-gyn and women’s health make an important difference in the 2016 elections, by contributing generously to Ob-GynPAC.

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