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We Elect People Not Parties

Message From the Chair

Jeanne Conry, MD, PhD, FACOG
Past President, ACOG
Chair, Ob-GynPAC
$5K Kaminetzky Club Member

I'm honored to serve as your 2015 Ob-GynPAC Chair. Ob-GynPAC, ACOG's federal political action committee, helps elect and re-elect Members of Congress who support our specialty. In 2014, we made enormous strides toward electing candidates who support our mission of advancing women's health legislation. We supported over 150 candidates and won 80% of those races. Ob-GynPAC also hit the $1.25 million dollar mark in the 2013-2014 election cycle, our biggest growth to date! Over 10,000 Ob-GynPAC donors achieved this milestone together. When you support Ob-GynPAC, you can trust that every dollar you contribute is used exclusively to elect friends of ob-gyn to the US Congress and Statehouses and to help win our issues. Not a dime of your contributions to Ob-GynPAC goes to administrative expenses.

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